Monday, March 5, 2018

natural born cyborgs
((available as a free PDF))

read chapters 1-2

vv //blog summary for it\\ vv


LCD screen

Eat ass

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the good

>Clear images
>Clear instructions
>Good video to go along with it

the bad

>Bad images
>While it has simple instructions it's not overall clear

the fugly

>those pictures tho??? so much garbo in the bg
>not a lot of instruction

Wednesday, February 21, 2018




if( x > o && x < 5) {

if( x > 0 || y > 0 ) {

if ( !x > 0 ) {

relay lab


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Monday, February 19, 2018

relay lab

relay: switching device. allows you to use one circuit to turn on and off another circuit keeping both circuits electrically isolated.

close switch: on
open switch: off

JQF-3F (T73) Model currently being used for this lab

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

data types

bytes:  0 - 225
int: -32,767 - 32,768
long: -2.1 billion - 2.1 billion
float: decimal number.


essentially a list of data

int myArray[ ] = {2 , 14 , 145 , . . . }

int myArray2[5],
x = myArray2[3],

zero is your first value when counting numbers in code




if ( something ?? ) {
 do ?? something)

x = analogRead(0)
if ( x < = 200 ){
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH),

else { digitalWrite (ledPin, LOW), }


pull up

pull down

"ignore everything until it's Really sending a signal"

Sunday, January 21, 2018

week 1

Electric Body Manipulation as Performance Art — Elsenaar & Scha

The human body is a conductor for electricity and can be used for performance art that has been tested on for many years ever since the 18th century. Elsenaar and Scha explained there are three things that must be noted, the body is just an object, there are areas where the body is very vulnerable, and the body can be steered via kinetics.

I suppose what I find strange about this is how this article started out as experiments and performance art, to the electric chair; to electrocutions. Brown demonstrated how dangerous alternating current is by killing a lot of animals, 50 dogs and cats for example, which is very unethical. Someone saw a person die from a high voltage and thought, 'hey, we could administer death with this'. Brown did the experiments to find the right conditions to kill animals, eventually people, and then to administer death via electric chair; they thought this way the death penalty would be quick and painless. However, it's basically excruciating pain shooting throughout your entire body, and it's so strong that the eyeballs often get fried or just explode. You would even be able to smell your own flesh burning, but be in too much pain to really care, but overall the experience sounds rather uncomfortable so I don't know how they got the idea it'd be a quick and painless death. Quick, definitely, but painless? I highly doubt.

Other than that, I think with technology improving it might be possible to create performance art pieces that are very theatrical some time in the future. Technology is only improving, so it's bound to get somewhere someday. If people can already generate a lot of expressions and movements with electronics it's only going to improve.


Imagine a cybernetic eye that can replace your eye-- whether you lost it recently or you just want it for the features--  with a better eye that has features a bunch of technologies have, into one eye. You have Theta, an intelligent assistant, an A.I. you can talk to and command it to do these features. The features include recording video of what you can see via this eye, or it can record sound around you. Then, you can use the bluetooth feature to upload it to your computer into a convenient file type. If you're having trouble seeing something you can use the zoom feature and zoom in on anything with that eye, it basically functions akin to a camera where you can enhance vision, sharpening blurry images in the distance if you're having trouble reading something (no need for glasses anymore!). As well as you can turn on it's night vision if you're having trouble seeing at night, very convenient if you're outside at night, trying to make it home from a late night, or if you don't want to struggle, finding your light switch when you want to get a cup of water in the middle of the night.